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Leonardo is a gifted engineer, musician and a highly creative person. On many recording projects I’ve done with him, Leo is aware of the entire picture as well as the necessary details. His knowledge of technology is vast. His music producer skills and arranging skills are current and always exactly what is needed to move the project along. Leo is highly relational and always establishes an encouraging vibe in the studio. Hire this man. You will be thankful you do.


                                                           Craig Allen-Vineyard Columbus Worship Pastor

Leo is not like any other producer/sound engineer I’ve met or worked with. What sets Leo apart, other than his incredible guitar skills and ear for how music should sound, is his love and passion for the art form. He is one of the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Leo truly cares about helping artists achieve their maximum potential, and his skill set allows him to bring an artist’s music to the next level all while staying true to what the artist is trying to do. 


                                                                             John Spear -Musician/Songwriter


Leo is a gem of a human. High relational skills and his technical expertise is vast. Leo has served me with recording vocals, as a keynote teacher and live sound coach. 

He can fix audio problems in churches. Installs, tweaks. Hire him. 

He can record anything with professionalism. Hire him.


                                                                     Mike O’briden-Worship Coach Vineyard Usa

Leo is a wealth of knowledge and is able to share what he knows in such easy to understand terms, doing so with a warm professionalism. He is quick to understand whatever situation he’s presented with and intuitively knows how to give guidance. He’s a true partner.


                                                                 William Scott-Musician/Songwriter 

We've worked with Leo many times at our church and I would recommend him to anyone. Leo was very easy to work with and met all of our wants and needs. We have enjoyed our experience, and will continue to work with Leo.


                                                             Cameon Colvin-JohnsTown Baptist Church

Leo is both efficient and patient- taking time to explain the acute details while constantly aiming for the end goal. He is knowledgeable, trust-worthy and kind.  I consider him my “go-to” producer here in Columbus.

                                                                            Shareena Casey-Songwriter

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